Exceptional Results for Charity & Benefits


“Adcock Auctioneers was by far the best pick for our fundraising event.  They enjoy the crowd and the crowd enjoys their energy.  They made our guests feel good about participating in the live auction. Scott Adcock is like a spark plug,  you hand him the microphone and he lights up the room.  We raised a record amount from our live auction and we owe our thanks to the professional and charismatic team of Adcock Auctioneers.” – Susan Ward

“Our annual charity ball is the largest fundraising event for our organization every year.  we are so thankful that we entrusted Adcock Auctioneers with the task of our live auction for this years ball.  We have never raised that much money from the live auction portion!  Normally our guests tend to lose interest during the live auction but Scott, Michael and Charlie kept them enthralled, energized and their bidder paddles in the air.  One winning bidder commented, “I never had that much fun spending money.” Thank you, Adcock Auctioneers.” – Rebekah Deetz

“There is no better auction team than the crew at Adcock Auctioneers.  When you think that the bidding is coming to a close, thats when the real fun kicks in!  The crew worked extremely hard to help raise the maximum dollar for every item at our benefit.  They do it with class and a style that I have never seen at any other auction.  They had a great insight on how to improve our event and add some entertainment while raising even more money than we could have imagined.  I would recommend this dynamic crew to anyone!” – Jason Grove

“The best decision we made for our charity event was hiring Adcock Auctioneers, hands down.” – Angelo Gonzalez

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