Our History


Adcock Auctioneers has been in the auction industry for well over 60 years.  The patriarch of our family, Odie Adcock was one of the first auctioneers to be hired by the world renowned Manheim Auto Auction, located in the small town of Manheim Pennsylvania.



Odie learned to auctioneer by imitating the the men he heard at the local auction barns and halls in the sleepy town of Linesville, PA.  He started selling horses at He also trained and showed Tennessee Walking Horses, once winning a World Champion title with hus horse, Raven’s Touch of Class.

In 2010, Odie was awarded with the Bernie Hart Memorial, Auctioneer of the Year Award.The Bernie Hart Memorial Auctioneer Award honors “the most visible person in the auction industry.”




Odie spent nearly 50 years calling bids from the block before he retired his gavel in 2006 at the age of 80.


Three of his four sons and two of his grandsons followed in his footsteps.  His sons, Scott, Rusty and David loved the industry and all had a natural gift for auctioneering.  Rusty, the best auctioneer we’ve ever heard, sadly lost his battle with pancreatic cancer at the very young age of 31.  He was the most fun-loving, charismatic member of our family and is missed, very dearly.  Stories of Rusty are shared so often that even our family members that are too young to remember him, feel as though they knew him.  His memory lives on and you can here him in the audio file below.  All of us have listened to his chant while learning our own, only wishing we could achieve his level of talent.


Audio Clip: Rusty Adcock Auctioneering


Michael “Scott” Adcock began bid-calling at a very young age, on his father’s knee.  He was a natural!  He and his brother Rusty sold cars and horses together with their father for many years.  In 1991, Scott won the coveted title of World Champion Automobile Auctioneer.  With this prestigious title came requests from all across the US for him to sell goods of many kinds and varieties.  His wife, Susan traveled with him, working the ring.  They refer to these years as some of the best of their 32 year marriage.



Scott worked a weekly schedule that took him to Albany and Newburgh, NY, Boston, MA and back to Manheim, PA, selling wholesale automobiles.  Scott is sought after and in-demand in the auction industry!  To this day, he is referred to as the best auctioneer in the world by car dealers and auction employees alike.  Scott is a humble man who enjoys the “car business” and training and riding Tennessee Walking Horses.  He feels privileged to know the great people he’s met through his travels over the years and blessed in life to have been a part of so many auctions, selling some of the finest classic automobiles in the world.  He has met celebrities and sold their cars or sold one to them.


His love is automobiles, but Scott has sold a little bit of everything; antiques, horses, livestock, tractor and farm equipment, real estate and estates and chotchkies and flea market items.  He loves being on the block and his chant sounds like something to which you could dance.  He’s a talented, good-hearted man and we all look up to him.



Scotts eldest son, Charlie Adcock began auctioneering at the age of twenty.  With his warm personality and ability to turn a complete stranger into a friend instantly is what sets him apart from the average auctioneer.  Quick witted and charismatic are two attributes that perfectly describe the 2010 World Automobile Auctioneer Champion.  He lives in Oklahoma with his beautiful wife and three children and makes the trek every week to the east coast to work six sales before flying back for the weekend.  He truly is a world class auctioneer.




Scotts youngest son, Michael Adcock started auctioneering in 2006.  He has rapidly made a name for himself within the auction industry.  In 2009 he became the youngest to claim the title of World Champion Automobile Auctioneer.  Since then he has been on a dedicated path to advancing himself in every facet of the business.  His most recent endeavour has been entertainment.  After spending over four months of filming Money Barn will be heading to Animal Planet for its official premier on February 20th.   We are looking forward to the opportunity this young auctioneer has coming his way.


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